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  • Up to the time when the religious zeal of the emperor Zeno put a stop to the Nestorian school at Edessa, this " Athens of Syria " was active in translating and popularizing the Aristotelian logic. Their banishment from Edessa in 489 drove the Nestorian scholars to Persia, where the Sassanid rulers gave them a welcome; and there they continued their labours on the Organon.
  • Sassanid, king of Persia, on the east bank of the Euphrates, just south of the Nahr Isa, or Sakhlawieh canal, the northernmost of the canals connecting that river with the Tigris, in lat.
  • As has already been indicated, it was in their religious attitudes that the essential difference lay between the Sassanid Empire and the older Iranian states.
  • The further religious development of the Sassanid Empire will be touched upon later.
  • I For the propagation and history of the Christians in the Sassanid Empire, cf.

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