Sentence Examples

  • Several of the sarcophagi are still empty.
  • The present cathedral contains several early Christian marble sarcophagi, a silver cross of the 6th century (that of Agnellus), and the so-called throne of the Archbishop Maximian (54655 2), adorned with reliefs in ivory, which, however, was really brought to Ravenna in iooi by John the Deacon, who recorded the fact in his Venetian chronicle, as a present from the Doge Pietro Orseolo to the Emperor Otho III.
  • There are a number of fine carved sarcophagi in the church (5th to 8th century).
  • Close by is a small court with early Christian sarcophagi, containing the remains of the Braccioforte family.
  • The museum, occupying an old Gothic church, is particularly rich in Roman remains and in early Christian sarcophagi; there is also a museum of Provencal curiosities.