Sentence Examples

  • For your next home repair for drywall, take a little extra time to let the compound you're using dry between applications, and don't forget to sand the area carefully with fine grit sandpaper.
  • Course grit sandpaper - The grit of the sandpaper you need to start with depends on the damage to the floors and how many coats of polyurethane are currently on your old floors.
  • If you're having trouble trimming, however, you can also try sanding the edges lightly with fine grit sandpaper and adding a bit of brown ink for a "distressed" scrapbook look.
  • Fine grit sandpaper - You need to purchase 220 grit sandpaper in order to make sure your floors are smooth to the touch and any marks left by previous sanding are gone.
  • Sanding - After you have scraped most of the old paint off of the beadboard, go over the surface with a medium-grained sandpaper to remove any residual paint.