Sentence Examples

  • The basilica of St Salsa, which has been excavated by S.
  • The Italian commander attempted to treat with Menelek, but his negotiations merely enabled the Italian envoy, Major Salsa, to ascertain that the Abyssinians were nearly Ioo,ooo strong mostly armed with rides and well supplied with artillery.
  • After a short wait, the four were seated in a booth and began to work on chips and salsa as the adults ordered drinks.
  • Baldissera opened negotiations with the negus through Major Salsa, and simultaneously reorganized the Italian army.
  • Of the houses, most of which stood on the central hill, no traces remain; but there are ruins of three churches - the Great Basilica and the Basilica Alexander on the western hill, and the Basilica of St Salsa on the eastern hill - two cemeteries, the baths, theatre, amphitheatre and nymphaeum.