Sentence Examples

  • He had lighted on some fragments of the Vendidad Sade, and formed the project of a voyage to India to discover the works of Zoroaster.
  • The name first appears in the list of primitive Zoroastrian settlements contained in the Vendidad Sade, where, however, like most of the names in the same list, - such as Sughudu (Sogdiana), Mouru (Mer y or Margus), Haraquiti (Arachotus or Arghand-ab), Haetumant (Etymander or Helmund), and Ragha (or Argha-stan),--it seems to apply to the river or river-basin, which was the special centre of population.
  • DONATIEN ALPHONSE FRANCOIS SADE, Count [usually called the] (1740-1814), French licentious writer, was born in Paris on the 2nd of June 1740.
  • From other forms of Sade, however, the other early form of a, viz.
  • That she was the daughter of Audibert de Noves and the wife of Hugh de Sade rests partly on tradition and partly on documents which the abbe de Sade professed to have copied from originals in the, 8th century.