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  • SEISTAN, or Sistan (Sejistan), the ancient Sacastane (" land of the Sacae ") and the Ninzruz or " Meridies " of the Vendidad, a district of Persia and Afghanistan, situated generally between 30 o' and 31° 35' N., and between 61° o' and (including Rudbar) 62° 40' E.
  • The ancient Drangiana (Zaraya, Daranka, " lake land ") received the name of " land of the Sacae " after this country was permanently occupied by the " Scythians " or Sacae, who overran Iran in 128 B.C. It was included in the Sassanian empire, and then in the empire of the caliphs.
  • When the Huns (Hiung-nu) occupied west and east Mongolia in 177-165 B.C., they drove before them the Yue-chi (Yutes, Yetes or Ghetes), who divided into two hordes, one of which invaded the valley of the Indus, while the other met the Sacae in East Turkestan and drove them over the Tian-shan into the valley of the Ili.
  • The fast-diminishing Sajidis (Sajittae) and Saka (Sacae) are others of the more ancient races of Baluchistan easily recognizable in classical geography.
  • Bahram, however, was unable to effect anything, as his brother Hormizd was in arms, supported by the Sacae and other tribes.

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