Sentence Examples

  • 12,110 9,295 Ried Pass (St Niklaus to Saas), snow.
  • 10,670 Zwischbergen Pass (Saas to Gondo), snow.
  • 12,304 Pas de Chevres (Arolla to the Val d'Heremence), foot path 12,264 Antrona Pass (Saas to Antrona), partly bridle path..
  • Payne had to leave his pastorate at Saas, and took refuge with Peter Chelcicky, the Bohemian author.
  • 14,062 9,351 Lysjoch (Zermatt to Gressoney), snow 14,033 Mischabeljoch (Zermatt to Saas), snow 12,651 9,341 Alphubel Pass (same to same), snow 12,474 Adler Pass (same to same), snow.