Sentence Examples

  • Leche shows that the wild Bactrian camel differs from the domesticated breed of central Asia in the following external characters: the humps are smaller; the long hair does not occupy nearly so much of the body; the colour is much more rufous; and the ears and muzzle are shorter.
  • In Burma the species is represented by the tsaine, or h'saine, in which the colour of the adult bulls is rufous fawn.
  • The ordinary potto (P. potto) is about the size of a squirrel, but with Poultry And Poultry-Farming large staring eyes, and a mere stump of a tail; its general colour is rufous brown.
  • The first or typical palm-squirrel, Funambulus palmarum, inhabits Madras, has but three light stripes on the back, and shows a rufous band on the under-side of the base of the tail.
  • The white, on the other hand, is not rarely freckled, streaked, or barred with grey, rufous-brown or black.

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