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  • A gentilic of the form Ru-u-ai occurs in a letter (of an Assyrian king?) to chiefs in a (Babylonian?) town as the designation of three captives (Harper, Ass.
  • Bezold, Die Achamenideninschriften, p. xii.), who have Semitic names; and Ru-'-u-a is the name of an Aramaic people mentioned with other Aramaeans by Tiglathpileser IV., Sargon and Sennacherib.
  • It is not impossible that some such people may have settled at Urhai and given it their name, although the Ru-'-u-a are always mentioned in connexions that imply seats near the Persian Gulf.° The district name Osroene for 'Opportvi t, is Greek, perhaps due to analogy of Chosroes.
  • The mountain Ru-u-[a], mentioned thrice by Tiglath-pileser IV., is placed by Billerbeck near Hamadan (Sandschak Suleimania, 82, 86, and map, 1898).
  • " One made this, another that; Tane made trees, Ru mountains, Tanga-roa fish, and so forth."

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