Sentence Examples

  • Dipodomys, which has the molars rootless, is typified by D.
  • 2), a rootless plant, which hangs in long grey lichen-like festoons from the branches of trees, a native of Mexico and the southern United States; the water required for food is absorbed from the moisture in the air by peculiar hairs which cover the (From The Botanical Magazine, by permission of Lovell, Reeve & Co.) FIG.
  • These are regarded as representing a distinct family, the Saghatheriidae, characterized by the possession of the full series of twenty-two teeth in the upper jaw, among which the first pair of incisors was modified to form trihedral rootless tusks, while the two remaining pairs were separated from one another and from the teeth in front by gaps.
  • Of these Ctenodactylus and Pectinator are characterized by the union of the incus and malleus of the internal ear, the free fibula and the almost rootless cheek-teeth.
  • Skull depressed, frontals contracted and without post-orbital processes; p.; or; molars rootless, with transverse enamel-folds.

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