Sentence Examples

  • A too hasty occupation by Canadian officials and settlers led to the rebellion of the Metis under Louis Riel, a native leader.
  • (See RED River Settlement; and Riel, Louis.) The admixture of races and religions, and its position as the key to the great West, have ever since made Manitoba the 1 A round-bottomed, strongly built boat, 30 to 36 ft.
  • Louis Riel, a fanatical half-breed, placed himself at the head of the movement.
  • One of these, a young man named Thomas Scott, having treated Riel with defiance, was court-martialled for treason to the provisional government, condemned, and on the 4th of March 1870, shot in cold blood under the walls of Fort Garry.
  • In August 1870, the force reached Fort Garry, to find the rebels scattered and their leader, Riel, a fugitive in the neighbouring states.

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