Sentence Examples

  • Sir Thomas Beaufort, afterwards earl of Dorset and duke of Exeter (appointed admiral of the fleet 1407, and admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine 1412, which latter office he held till his death in 1426), certainly had a court, with a marshal and other officers, and forms of legal process - mandates, warrants, citations, compulsories, proxies, &c. Complaints of encroachment of jurisdiction by the Admiralty Courts led to the restraining acts, 13 Ric. II.
  • C. 5 (1389), 15 Ric. II.
  • The material enactments of the restraining statutes were as follows: - An act of 1389 (13 Ric. II.
  • The act of 1391 (1 5 Ric. II.
  • And 13 Ric. II.