Sentence Examples

  • Shortly afterwards the emperor Aurungzeb's forces retook the place, which remained in Mussulman hands until 1752, when it was captured by Clive.
  • His left (loth and 3rd Divs.) retook Gevgeli, his centre (4th, 2nd, 5th) Kilkish, and his right (1st, .6th, 7th) drove back the Bulgarian left on Nigrita and also eastward on the Seres road (July 3-4).
  • The crusaders under Tancred retook it, but lost it to Saladin in 1187.
  • Tingent aided the Castilians to defeat the Moors at Las Navas de Tolosa, and in 1217 the ministers, bishops and captains of the realm, reinforced by foreign crusaders, retook Alcacer do Sal.
  • John of Austria, and retook Evora, which had been captured by the invaders; on the 7th of July 1664 Pedro de Magalhaes defeated the duke of Osuna at Ciudad Rodrigo; on the 17th of June 1665 the marquess of Marialva destroyed a Spanish army led by the marquess of Carracena at the battle of Montes Claros, and Christovao de Brito Pereira followed up this victory with another at Villa Vigosa.

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