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  • In 1866 he published Une troupe de comediens, and afterwards Essai sur la restauration de nos monuments historiques devant fart et devant le budget, which deals particularly with the restoration of the cathedral of Evreux.
  • C. Lacretelle's chief work is a series of histories of the 18th century, the Revolution and its sequel: Précis historique de la Revolution francaise, appended to the history of Rabaud St Etienne, and partly written in the prison of La Force (5 vols., 1801-1806); Histoire de France pendant le X VIII' siecle (6 vols., 1808); Histoire de l'Assemblee Constituante (2 vols., 1821); L'Assemblee Legislative (1822); La Convention Nationale (3 vols., 1824-1825); Histoire de France depuis la restauration (1829-1835); Histoire du consulat et de l'empire (4 vols., 1846).
  • De la restauration (Paris, 1860-1878); Alphonse de Lamartine, Hist.
  • De la restauration (Paris, 1851-1852); Louis Blanc, Hist.
  • Michon, Le Gouvernement parlementaire sous la Restauration (1905), containing an analysis of the more important of Constant's political writings; V.

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