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  • These were (a) the opening of the heads of letters, so that beth ?, daleth 'LS,,' and resh 4 become respectively ?, Li, and L.l, while 0 becomes first U and ultimately V.
  • Assur-resh-ishi, Mutakkil Nusku and Tiglath-pileser I.
  • The Jewish chief priest may be said to be the successor of the exilarch or resh galutha of the earlier period.
  • The seat of the exilarch or resh galutha was transferred from Pumbedita(Pumbeditha or Pombeditha) inBabylonia to Bagdad, which thus became the capital of oriental Judaism; from then to the present day the Jews have played no mean part in Bagdad.
  • (Rabbi Resh Lakish).

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