Sentence Examples

  • Questions received from various quarters were discussed and the final decision of the Kallah was signed by the Resh-Kallah or president of the general assembly, who was only second in rank to the Resh-Metibta, or president of the scholastic sessions.
  • Hence the head of the Babylonian Jews was the exilarch (in Aramaic Resh Galutha) .
  • (Rabbi Resh Lakish).
  • The Jewish chief priest may be said to be the successor of the exilarch or resh galutha of the earlier period.
  • The seat of the exilarch or resh galutha was transferred from Pumbedita(Pumbeditha or Pombeditha) inBabylonia to Bagdad, which thus became the capital of oriental Judaism; from then to the present day the Jews have played no mean part in Bagdad.

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