Sentence Examples

  • College students often need affordable transportation but don't have a lot of cash, or many entrepreneurs with a natural mechanical gift search for very cheap used cars that they can fix up and then resell for a significant profit.
  • Typically, used car dealerships purchase vehicles from auctions, off lease or as a trade-in, invest a certain amount of money to make the vehicle road worthy, and then resell that used vehicle for close to its market value.
  • In order to recognize those organizations that continue to help collect, resell or redistribute donated furniture, the following stories provide examples of the tremendous generosity of some individuals and organizations.
  • Whether you are a dealer looking to resell wholesale archery supplies or a non-hunting reseller that has the correct license and likes archery for sport, then you will be able to buy wholesale archery supplies.
  • Although these watches are initially available to employees, those employees resell the watches (usually for a profit) and the outside public can snatch up watches shortly after they become available.