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  • Repousse work in silver, which is still practised, dates from the most ancient times.
  • The reason of this is that a repousse relief is of much thinner substance than if the same design were cast, even by the most skilful metal-worker, and so a large surface may be produced with a very small expenditure of valuable metal.
  • Repousse), was probably adopted for bronze-work on a large scale before the art of forming large castings was discovered.
  • The "Siris bronzes," in the same museum, are a most astonishing example of the skill, attained by:.Greek artists in this repousse work (see Bronsted's Bronzes of Siris, 1836).
  • With increased skill in large castings, and the discovery of the use of cores, by which the fluid bronze was poured into a mere skin-like cavity, hammered or repousse work was only used in the case of small objects in which lightness was desirable, or for the precious metals in order to avoid large expenditure of metal.

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