Sentence Examples

  • He was even there to lend help after Hurricane Katrina, with the foundation taking in 20 families for four months in rent-free housing, as well as providing food and clothing to those in need.
  • Benny reneges on his promise to allow them stay there rent-free, and demands they pay rent or leave.
  • Land was leased for houses or other buildings to be built upon it, the tenant being rent-free for eight or ten years; after which the building came into the landlord's possession.
  • A boy who was received into a hospice where he lived rent-free, attended school without paying fees, and had the privilege of begging for his bread at the house-doors of the town; in return for which he sang as a chorister in the church to which the school was attached.
  • Waste land was let to reclaim, the tenant being rent-free for three years and paying a stipulated rent in the fourth year.