Sentence Examples

  • Four years later he was renominated, was elected, was re-elected in 1840, and served from January 1839 until January 1843.
  • In 1886 he was elected mayor of New York City, his nomination having been forced upon the Democratic Party by the strength of the other nominees, Henry George and Theodore Roosevelt; his administration (1887-1888) was thoroughly efficient and creditable, but he broke with Tammany, was not renominated, ran independently for re-election, and was defeated.
  • Nevertheless, Van Buren was unanimously renominated by the Democrats in 1840.
  • In 1859 he was not renominated, and retired from Congress after a continuous service of more than twenty years.
  • Renominated for governor in 1846, Wright was defeated, and the result was by many ascribed in part to the alleged hostility of the Polk administration.