Sentence Examples

  • Lentz, Herodiani Technici reliquiae (1867-1870); a supplementary volume is included in Uhling's Corpus grammaticorum Graecorum; for further bibliographical information see W.
  • Extracts from the book which bears this title, contained in an 8th-century MS. at Paris, were published by Lagarde in 1856 (Reliquiae iuris ecclesiastici antiquissimae 80-89); and a Latin fragment, edited by Dr Montague James, appeared in 1893 (Texts and Studies, i.
  • Moreover, the co-existence of man with a fauna now extinct or confined to other districts was brought to yet clearer demonstration by the discovery in these caves of certain drawings and carvings of the animals done by the ancient inhabitants themselves, such as a group of reindeer on a piece of reindeer horn, and a sketch of a mammoth, showing the elephant's long hair, on a piece of a mammoth's tusk from La Madeleine (Lartet and Christy, Reliquiae Aquitanicae, ed.
  • Reliquiae, p. cclxxxv.; W.
  • 33), the first book of which survives in the Latin of Rufinus (printed in Routh's Reliquiae sacrae, iv.

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