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  • Other accounts of its composition, drawn from Rabbinical sources, will be found in various works on Jewish antiquities; see, for example, Reland, Sacr.
  • - Reland, Decas exercitationum philologicarum de vera pronuntiatione nominis Jehova, 1707; Reinke, " Philologisch-historische Abhandlung fiber den Gottesnamen Jehova," in Beitrc ge zur Erklcirung des Alten Testaments, III.
  • ADRIAN RELAND (1676-1718), Dutch Orientalist, was born at Ryp, studied at Utrecht and Leiden, and was professor of Oriental languages successively at Harderwijk (1699) and Utrecht (1701).
  • Reland, Palaestina monumentis veteribus illustrata (1714); H.
  • See Reland, Antiq.

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