Sentence Examples

  • Times of peace meant national disintegration and the lapse of Israel into the Canaanite local cults, which is interpreted by the redactor as the prophets of the 8th century would have interpreted it, viz.
  • Especially Ha,upt's note) and does not involve the interpolation of matter by the later redactor of Colossians and Ephesians (Holtzmann, Hausrath' and Bruckner, Reihenfolge d.
  • The redactor of the Mishna, and his successor as Nasi (patriarch).
  • This redactor, moreover, was the first who gave to the Apocalypse the character of an attack on the Roman Empire and the imperial cult by means of a series of small additions.
  • In 1891 Schmidt resolved the book into three independent sources which were put together by a redactor (Anmerkungen iiber d.

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