Sentence Examples

  • (309-380) the nasks were brought into complete order, and the new redaction of the Avesta reached its definitive conclusion.
  • There exists a mid14th-century Historia do Santo Graal, and an unprinted Josep' ab Aramadia, while, though the MS. is lost, we have abundant evidence of the existence of a primitive Portuguese prose redaction of Amadis de Gaula anterior to the present Spanish text.
  • 32-34), which displays marks of later redaction, there is nothing to guide us in separating the additional matter.
  • As to this re-collection and redaction of the Avesta the Dinkard gives various details.
  • That the original Avesta, or old sacred literature, divided on account of its great bulk and heterogeneous contents into many portions and a variety of separate works, had an actual existence in numerous copies and also in the memories of priests, that, although gradually diminishing in bulk, it remained extant during the period of foreign domination and ecclesiastical decay after the time of Alexander, and that it served as a basis for the redaction subsequently made.