Sentence Examples

  • The work underwent three later redactions at the hands of successive editors in the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian.
  • 3 The relatively earlier group of books is now the result of two complicated and continuous redactions, "Deuteronomic " (Deut.
  • In some instances, as in the great Creation Series of Babylon, the later scribes subjected the different versions to processes of editing, with the result that the earlier forms gave place to the redactions of a militant priesthood.
  • The Gospels, in fact, are adaptations or redactions of an older Gospel, such as the Gospel of the Hebrews, of Peter, of the Egyptians, or of the Ebionites.
  • For an exhaustive detailed study has revealed many signs of diversity of authorship which combine to show that the book is due to the incorporation of older material in two main redactions; one deeply imbued with the language and thought of Deuteronomy itself (D), the other of the post-exilic priestly circle (P) which gave the Pentateuch its present form.

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