Sentence Examples

  • On 'the other hand, the entire parts of Pauline and Severe are beyond praise, and the manner in which the former reconciles her duty as a wife with her affection for her lover is an astonishing success.
  • He rapidly passed on, through books like Inferno (1897), the diary of a semi-lunatic, up into the sheer mysticism of To Damascus (1898), where he reconciles himself at last to Christianity.
  • In religious life, in short, he finds the principle which reconciles the opposition of the temporal mind.
  • Zeller thinks that his ancestors belonged to the Cadmean tribe in Boeotia, who were intermingled with the Ionians of Asia Minor, and thus reconciles the conflicting statements.
  • As The Gregorian Method Of Intercalation Has Been Adopted In All Christian Countries, Russia Excepted, It Becomes Interesting To Examine With What Degrees Of Accuracy It Reconciles The Civil With The Solar Year.

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