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  • This carries short-jointed antennae (in one case bi-ramose) and eyes, the structure and development of which require further elucidation.
  • Head tetartognathous and triprosthomerous - that is to say, with three prosthomeres; the first bearing typical eyes, the second a pair of antenniform appendages (often bi-ramose), the third a pair of appendages usually antenniform, sometimes claw-like.
  • (4) Three of the rami of the primitive limb (endites 5 and 6, and exite I) specially developed as endopodite, exopodite, and epipodite - the first two often as firm and strongly chitinized, segmented, leg-like structures; the original axis or corm reduced to a basal piece, with or without a distinct gnathobase (endite i)- typical tri-ramose limb of higher Crustacea.
  • This is the usual uni-ramose limb found in the various classes of Arthropoda.
  • This is the typical " bi-ramose limb " often found in Crustacea.

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