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  • Avoirdupois; the libra, 1.014 lb avoirdupois; the quintal, 101.44 lb avoirdupois; the arroba, 25.36 lb avoirdupois; ditto of wine, 6.70 imperial gallons; the gallon, 74 of an imperial gallon; the vara, 927 yard; and the square vara, 859 square yard.
  • The average yearly product is about 70,000,000 lb, worth approximately £1,300,000, and subject to an export duty of one gold dollar (4s.) per quintal (101 lb).
  • - The metric system is officially adopted, but the weights in common use are the tonelada (2025 lb), the quintal (101.4 lb), the arroba (2 5.35 lb), the libra (1.014 Ib) and the onza (.
  • Nominally, the import duties are moderate, so much so that Bolivia is sometimes called a " free-trade country," but this is a misnomer, for in addition to the schedule rates of io to 40% ad valorem on imports, there are a consular fee of i-% for the registration of invoices exceeding 200 bolivianos, a consumption tax of 10 centavos per quintal (46 kilogrammes), fees for viseing certificates to accompany merchandise in transit, special " octroi " taxes on certain kinds of merchandise controlled by monopolies (spirits, tobacco, &c.), and the import and consumption taxes levied by the departments and municipalities.
  • This treaty was never ratified, and four years later General Hilarion Daza, who had succeeded Dr Frias as president in 1876, demanded as the price of Bolivia's consent that a tax of 10 cents per quintal should be paid on all nitrates exported from the country, further declaring that, unless this levy was paid, nitrates in the hands of the exporters would be seized by the Bolivian government.

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