Sentence Examples

  • 5) is QQ'- QS = BD sec 4:,(I - cos SQQ') = BD sec cI)(1 +cos 20) = 2BD cos 4); from which it follows that an error of given magnitude in the figure of a surface is less important in oblique than in perpendicular reflection.
  • Apra p rts, 'Ap-ro pEns, and in an inscription of Tralles (Dittenberger, Sylloge, 573) Apra o o qs; Herodotus (vi.
  • The conditions (~) then lead to IA(AC) 2, ,2 (AC)(BC) 1 ~ tO qs B(BC)~ AB r0, C(BC) r~
  • It is implied in the above description of the system that the Cartesian co-ordinates x, y, z of any particle of the system are known functions of the qs, varying in form (of course) from particle to particle.
  • The coefficients arr, a,~, are called the coefficients of inertia; they are not in general constants, being functions of the qs and so variable with the configuration.

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