Sentence Examples

  • 2 qr., 20 cwt.
  • If then we put a negative point-charge -qr/d at B, it follows that the spherical surface will be a zero potential surface, for q rq 1 (24).
  • If a force Q acting at R maintains equilibrium, QR/4 = (P - p)r =T.
  • Qr,, be the generalized coordinates of any dynamical system, and let pi, P2,
  • If the system is supposed to obey the conservation of energy and to move solely under its own internal forces, the changes in the co-ordinates and momenta can be found from the Hamiltonian equations aE aE qr = 49 - 1 57., gr where q r denotes dg r ldt, &c., and E is the total energy expressed as a function of pi, qi,.

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