Sentence Examples

  • PYRUVIC ACID, Or [[Pyroracemic Acid, Ch 3 Co Co 2 H]], an organic acid first obtained by J.
  • Pyruvic nitrile, or acetyl cyanide, CH 3 CO.
  • CH (CH 3) C02H, is formed by the dry distillation of tartaric acid; by heating pyruvic acid with concentrated hydrochloric acid to 180° C.; by the reduction of citraconic and mesaconic acids with sodium amalgam; and by the hydrolysis of /-cyanbutyric acid.
  • Wurtz); by boiling a-chlorpropionic acid with caustic alkalis, or with silver oxide and water; by the reduction of pyruvic acid with sodium amalgam; or from acetaldehyde by the cyanhydrin reaction (J.
  • Chromic acid oxidizes it to acetic acid and carbon dioxide; potassium permanganate oxidizes it to pyruvic acid; nitric acid to oxalic acid, and a mixture of manganese dioxide and sulphuric acid to acetaldehyde and carbon dioxide.

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