Sentence Examples

  • Of these salts several series are known, namely the ortho-arsenites, which are derivatives of the acid H3AsO3, the metaarsenites, derivatives of HAsO2, and the pyro-arsenites, derivatives of H4As2O5.
  • Of the salts of these acids, those of the orthoand pyro-acids are the least stable, the orthovanadates being obtained on fusion of vanadium pentoxide with an alkaline carbonate.
  • The pyro-electric characters of quartz are closely connected with its peculiar type of symmetry and especially with the three uniterminal dyad axes.
  • The subject of pyro-electricity, or the power possessed by some minerals of becoming electrified when merely heated, and of exhibiting positive and negative electricity, now began to attract notice.
  • In the other pyro-electric crystals above mentioned, Hatly detected the same deviation from the rules of symmetry in their secondary crystals which occurs in tourmaline.

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