Sentence Examples

  • The movement, in the actual origination of which he had had no share, came to bear his name: it was popularly known as Puseyism (sometimes as Newmania) and its adherents as Puseyites.
  • "Puseyism" had been in the highest degree conservative, basing itself on authority and tradition, and repudiating any compromise with the modern critical and liberalizing spirit.
  • He was at Oxford during the early years of the movement known as Puseyism, and was powerfully influenced by association with Newman, Pusey and Keble.
  • The publication in 1889 of Lux Mundi, a series of essays attempting to harmonize Anglican Catholic doctrine with modern thought, was a severe blow to him, for it showed that even at the Pusey House, established as the citadel of Puseyism at Oxford, the principles of Pusey were being departed from.

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