Sentence Examples

  • It is punky and poppy, folky and thoughtful, and at times funny and full of passion that is clearly driven by something that does not quite feel like sadness and that is not quite hardcore enough to be called rage.
  • Punky was always written as a joyful, positive character, and parents liked the role model she turned out to be for their children.By the fourth season of the show, Punky was attending junior high school.
  • You can also pair the t-shirt with any of the pajama pants you've found, or, if you're lucky, pants or shorts that have a truly punky pattern to them like flames or zebras or something similar.
  • Are you looking for a perfect pair of mary janes to match your punky wardrobe, or at least work with a few punk outfits you've got stowed away?
  • Punky, poppy, and fun, these California girls will sometimes remind your of The Breeders and sometimes remind you of Bikini Kill.