Sentence Examples

  • The jackal stands for Anup, the hawk for Har, the frog for Hekt, the baboon for Tahuti, and Ptah, Asiri, Hesi, Nebhat, Hat-hor, Neit, Khnum and Amun-hor are all written out phonetically, but never represented in pictures.
  • Ptah is the Egyptian Hephaestus; he is represented as a dwarf; men are said to have come out of his eye, gods out of his mouth - a story like that of Purusha in the Rig Veda.
  • As creator of man, Ptah is a frog.
  • Ushas is the dawn, and Tvashtri is the mechanic among the gods, corresponding to the Egyptian Ptah and the Greek Hephaestus.
  • Excavation has brought to light figurines of the Egyptian Osiris, Isis, Ptah, Anubis and especially Bes.

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