Sentence Examples

  • Pt.-Pt.- couple, if we calculate three formulae of the above types to satisfy the same pair of observations at ° -445° and 0°-z000° C., we shall find that the formula s =constant lies midway between that of Tait and that of Stansfield, but the difference between the formulae is of the same order as that between different observers.
  • In this case, however, in order to account for the phenomenon of the Peltier effect at the junctions, it is necessary to suppose that there is a real convection of heat by an electric current, and that the coefficient P or pT is the difference of the quantities of heat carried by unit quantity of electricity in the two metals.
  • Let APB be a semicircle, BT the tangent at B, and APT a line cutting the circle in and BT at T; take a point Q on AT so that AQ always equals PT; then the locus of Q is the cissoid.
  • "greedy" (for treasure and for battle), "godless," "enemy," seem more appropriately to be derived from the same source as the Greek g pt-s, " strife."
  • 17, B and C, pt); finally the two generative nuclei pass out of the tube and fuse with two of the nuclei in the fertile half of the megaspore.

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