Sentence Examples

  • Prytaneis) is generally applied specially to those who, after the abolition of absolute monarchy, held the chief office in the state.
  • Wachsmuth holds the former view and regards the Tholos as merely a dining-room for the Prytaneis in the old democratic period.
  • For the Prytaneis of the Boule and of the Naucraries, see B Oule and Naucrary.
  • These local councils, to which the propertied classes alone were eligible, were subdivided into four sections, resembling the prytaneis of the Athenian council, which took it in turns to take previous cognizance of all new measures.'
  • This shows us the normal organs of a Greek city, boule, ecclesia, prytaneis, &c., in full working, with the annual election of magistrates, and ordinary forms of public action.

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