Sentence Examples

  • Thus it is found that Procyon gives about three times as much light as the sun in proportion to its mass, Sirius about sixteen times, and Orionis more than ten thousand times.
  • He announced in 1844 the binary character of Sirius and Procyon from their disturbed proper motions; and was preparing to attack the problem solved later by the discovery of Neptune, when fatal illness intervened.
  • There is perhaps room for doubt as to the precise significance of the words used; but the fact that Ptolemy classes Sirius with Antares, Aldebaran, Arcturus, Betelgeux and Procyon as " fiery red " (inrorceppoc) as compared with all the other bright stars which are " yellow " (;av©oc) seems almost conclusive that Sirius was then a redstar.
  • Includes the " Solar " stars, as Capella, Arcturus, Procyon, Aldebaran, their spectra are similar to that of the sun, being crossed by very numerous fine lines, mostly due to vapours of metals.
  • The " Procyon " or calcium stars form a transition between Type I.

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