Sentence Examples

  • Cot Then volume of prismoid = length X If mini + m2n2 + 2 (m i ne + m270-3a 2 1 tan 0.
  • - 2 To show that the area of a cross-section of a - prismoid is of the form ax e -{- bx -{- c, where x is the distance of the section from one end, we may proceed as in § 27.
  • If R and S are the ends of a prismoid, A and B their areas, h the perpendicular distance between them, and C the area of a section by a plane parallel to R and S and midway between them, the volume of the prismoid is *h(A+4C+B).
  • The most instructive is to regard the prismoid as built up (by addition or subtraction) of simpler figures, which are particular cases of it.
  • (iv) For the prismoid in general let ABCD ...

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