Sentence Examples

  • Her skin was prickling the way it did when another deity used magic around her, the fair hair on her arms standing on end.
  • Her throat felt tight and her eyes were prickling with tears.
  • An owl hooted outside the bedroom window, its eerie call prickling her skin with goose bumps.
  • As regards the latter, indeed, it is nowadays held that it is at its best within a very short period of the vintage, and that when the characteristic slight " prickling " taste due to carbonic acid derived from the secondary fermentation has disappeared, the wine has lost its attraction for the modern palate.
  • Indeed, many connoisseurs hold that when a Moselle ceases to show signs of the somewhat prolonged secondary fermentation, characterized by the slight prickling sensation produced on the palate (caused by the presence of bubbles of carbonic acid gas in the wine), that it has passed its best.

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