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  • This larva is termed the Trochosphere larva, and typically (as it is held) is an egg-shaped larva with two bands of cilia, one preoral and one postoral, with an apical nervous plate surmounted by a tuft of longer cilia, and with a simple bent alimentary canal, with lateral mouth and posterior anus, between which and the ectoderm is a spacious cavity (blastocoel) traversed by muscular strands and often containing a larval kidney.
  • The chief modifications of this form are seen in the Mitraria larva of Ammochares with only the preoral band, which is much folded and which has provisional and long setae; the a.trochous larva, where the covering of cilia is uniform and not split into bands; and the polytrochous larva where there are several bands surrounding the body.
  • Ment and of the struc ture of the disk to their identification of "trochus" and "cingulum" with the preoral and postoral wreaths of the trochophore larva.
  • In development some Lamellibranchia pass through a free-swimming trochosphere stage with preoral ciliated band; other fresh (I) ' Av B m 10 ad 3r ?/ a.: a il J FIG.
  • It is a top-shaped, free-swimming organism provided with a preoral band of cilia,.

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