Sentence Examples

  • The attempt to develop and use them without regard to the higher purpose is spoken of as practising the arts of "black magic," the exercise of which invariably leads to disaster.
  • How long shall we sit in our porticoes practising idle and musty virtues, which any work would make impertinent?
  • He spent much of his time in practising magic, and it was believed that he had so saturated his body with poisons that none could injure him.
  • Paphos owes its ancient fame to the cult of the "Paphian goddess" llacNaFavavaa, or 7) IIacaia, in inscriptions, or simply n 8ea), a nature-worship of the same type as the cults of Phoenician Astarte, maintained by a college of orgiastic ministers, practising sensual excess and self-mutilation.'
  • After practising various professions, among others that of a soldier, he went to Paris about 1311.

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