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  • 7rpev 1 3eiwv, 7repi aperi j s Kai KaKias); the other consists of two fragments from the "select passages" from Greek historians compiled by the directions of Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the 10th century.
  • According to the emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, the emperor Heraclius (610-640) invited the Serbs to come over to settle down in the devastated north-western provinces of the Byzantine empire and to defend them against the incursions of the Avars.
  • Accordingly, in 413, in the reign of Theodosius II., Anthemius, .then praetorian prefect of the East and regent, enlarged and refortified the city by the erection of the wall which forms the innermost line of defence in the bulwarks whose picturesque ruins now stretch from the Sea of Marmora, on the south of Yedi Kula (the seven towers), northwards to the old Byzantine palace of the Porphyrogenitus (Tekfour Serai), above the quarter of Egri Kapu.
  • (5) The palace of the Porphyrogenitus,long erroneously identified with the palace of the Hebdomon, which really stood at Makrikeui.
  • Considerable fragments of the work are preserved in the excerpts of Constantine Porphyrogenitus and in SuIdas.

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