Sentence Examples

  • The titles of these juvenile performances, which were played by amateurs, were Salga por donde saliere, Me voy a Sevilla and La Corona y el Punal.
  • There is little plausibility in the suggestion of Assemani and others that Ruha comes from por t of Callirrhoe.
  • But if, instead of rotating around PP, it rotates around some other axis, RR, making a small angle, POR, with the axis of figure PP; then it has been known since the time of Euler that the axis of rotation RR, if referred to the spheroid regarded as fixed, will gradually rotate round the axis of figure PP in a period defined in the following way: - If we put C = the moment of momentum of the spheroid around the axis of figure, and A = the corresponding moment around an axis passing through the equator EQ, then, calling one day the period of rotation of the spheroid, the axis RR will make a revolution around PP in a number of days represented by the fraction C/(C - A).
  • Por, Life of Hunyadi (Hung.) (Budapest, 1873); V.
  • Both ancient and later times are dealt with in the Historia general de Espaa, escrita por individuos de la real academia de la historia (Madrid, 1892 sqq.)a series of studies by different hands; that on the reign of Charles III., by Seor Manuel Danvila, is very valuable for the later 18th century.

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