Sentence Examples

  • The breaking out of the Popish Terror in 1678 marks the worst part of Shaftesbury's career.
  • On the 26th of June, accompanied by fourteen others, he presented to the grand jury of Westminster an indictment of the duke of York as a Popish recusant.
  • On the 17th of October 1593 a convention of delegates was held at Edinburgh at which a committee was appointed to follow the king and lay before him in a personal interview certain instructions relating to the punishment of the rebellious Popish earls and the safety of the church.
  • As a Roman Catholic and near to the king's person Catherine was the special object of attack by the inventors of the Popish Plot.
  • He improved the incomes of poor livings by revenues derived from episcopal estates and the fines of delinquents.An important feature of his church government was the appointment on the 20th of March 1654 of the "Triers," thirty-eight clerical and lay commissioners, who decided upon the qualifications of candidates for livings, and without whose recommendation none could be appointed; while an ordinance of August 1654 provided for the removal of the unfit, the latter class including besides immoral persons those holding "popish" or blasphemous opinions, those publicly using the English Prayer Book, and the disaffected to the government.

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