Sentence Examples

  • Under Diocletian and Maximian a road (the Via Herculia) was constructed from Aequum Tuticum to Pons Aufidi near Venusia, where it crossed the Via Appia and went on into Lucania, passing through Potentia and Grumentum, and joining the Via Popilia near Nerulum.
  • Zweibriicken ("two bridges") is the Latin Bipontinum; it appears in early documents also as Geminus Pons, and was called by the French Deux-Ponts.
  • Political and ecclesiastical dissensions occupied the greatest intellects, and the only progress to be recorded is in the art of computing or arithmetic, and the trans pons asinorum of the earlier mathematicians.
  • Pons Boigues was published at Saragossa (1900).
  • From its mouth, at the point where the Via Appia crossed it by the Pons Tiretius.

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