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  • The education for this examination has kept pace with the rapid advances of science, all the following subjects now receiving attention: the microscopical structure of plants and drugs, so as to detect adulterations and impurities in powdered drugs; organic and quantitative analysis, including those of food and drugs, water, soils, gas and urine; optics, so as to enable them to carry out the prescriptions of oculists; spectrum analysis; the use of the polariscope and refractometer; the method of applying Röntgen rays; the preparation of glandular secretions and antitoxins; and the chemistry of remedies for the fungoid diseases and insect pests of plants.
  • As a result of this work Arago constructed a polariscope, which he used for some interesting observations on the polarization of the light of the sky.
  • Such a section when examined in the polariscope shows an interference figure with a coloured centre, there being no black cross inside the innermost ring (this is not shown in very thin sections).
  • The actual details of the systems of lenses depend upon the object for which the polariscope is intended, and are given for some of the principal types of instruments in Th.
  • The polariscope and the spectroscope are the only instruments by the aid of which the nature of the matter can be inferred.

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