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  • Some properties of the curve will be briefly stated: If PN be the ordinate of the point P on the curve, AA' the vertices, X the meet of the directrix and axis and C the centre, then PN 2: AN.NA':: SX 2: AX.A'X, PN 2 is to AN.NA' in a constant ratio.
  • The circle on AA' as diameter is called the auxiliarly circle; obviously AN.NA' equals the square of the tangent to this circle from N, and hence the ratio of PN to the tangent to the auxiliarly circle from N equals the ratio of the conjugate axis to the transverse.
  • PN = BC 2; similarly if g and G be the corresponding intersections of the normal, PG: Pg:: BC 2: AC 2.
  • Favor of peace, The Italian jron-clad fleet comnded by the incapable Persano, afier wasting much time at ranto and Ancona, made an unsuccessful, attack on the lmatian island of Lissa on the 18th of July1 an4 pn the 20th s completely defeated by the Austrian squadron, consisting wooden ships, but commanded by the capable Admiral ~ethoff.
  • PN, Primary central chamber, and D, Palpon.

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