Sentence Examples

  • Playfair, Travels in the Footsteps of Bruce (London, 1877).
  • Playfair (1789-1857), but it was not till 1883 that the building was completed by the dome, crowned by the bronze figure of Youth bearing the torch of Knowledge, on the facade in South Bridge Street.
  • The temple is now in ruins, but the entire series of gorgeous pictures recording the expedition to "the balsam land of Punt," from its leaving to its returning to Thebes, still remains intact and undefaced.4 These are the only authenticated instances of the export of incense trees from the Somali country until Colonel Playfair, then political agent at Aden, in 1862-1864, collected and sent to Bombay the specimens from which Sir George Birdwood prepared his descriptions of them for the Linnean Society in 1868.
  • Von Bunsen at Marburg, and three years later to Lyon Playfair at London.
  • Lambert Playfair, In the Footsteps of Bruce (London, 1887); A.