Sentence Examples

  • Von Planta (Strassburg, 1892-1897).
  • Full accounts of the accidence and syntax, so far as it is represented in the inscriptions, will be found in the grammars of Buck and von Planta already mentioned, and in the second volume of Conway, op. cit.
  • 2 Quoniam enim nulla pars se ipsam general; sed postquam generata est, se ipsam jam auget; ideo eam primum oriri necesse est, quae principium augendi contineat (sive enim planta, sive animal est, aeque omnibus inest quod vim habeat vegetandi, sive nutriendi), 3 simulque reliquas omnes partes suo quamque ordine distinguat et formet; proindeque in eader primogenita particula anima primario inest, sensus, motusque, et totius vitae auctor et principium."
  • Planta (for plancta, the root being that seen in planus, flat, cf.
  • Pp. 332- Keyserling 334) that, while all the other birds provided with perfect song-muscles had the " planta " or hind part of the and " tarsus " covered with two long and undivided horny plates, the larks (q.v.) had this part divided by many transverse sutures, so as to be scutellated behind as well as in front; just as is the case in many of the passerines which have not the singingapparatus, and also in the hoopoe.

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