Sentence Examples

  • If the image is not that large, that does not mean it cannot be used - in the next section you'll learn how to configure backgrounds for Xanga so that any image at all - even a 1x1 pixel dot - can be used as an environment for your content.
  • When selecting a picture to run with your engagement announcement, be sure to evaluate the newspaper's guidelines, which may include sizes as well as pixel requirement and even requests for specific poses.
  • Created by one person who goes by the name "pixel", Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogotari) is a very deep game with a heart-tugging story steeped in a made-up mythos, gorgeous music, and very rewarding gameplay.
  • Some of its key features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, miniSD memory card expansion, side thumbwheel, 320 x 240 pixel color display, PIM functionality, and advanced speech recognition and speakerphone.
  • This watch is known as "Photo Time" and boasts one of the most unique features of any watch on the market, with the ability to take and display a digital snapshot with a .3 mega pixel digital camera.